About the podcast

The Podcast Business Wear Uncoded

A podcast for professionals who want to lift their self-image and self-confidence through style

Self-image and self-confidence are super important for your network, relations and professional image. ⁠We live in a world that is constantly telling us how to be, what to do and where to go. A truly sophisticated woman or man creates her or his parameters and is strategic enough to succeed in the goals they have set for themselves. We will devote our styling passion to build a podcast series to help women and men feel confident in their business clothes. Because we know how much your personal brands affect your results.

⁠In our podcast Business Wear uncoded we will invite guests from different business horizons for a style talk about

      • Career: discovering which role clothing plays in their career;
      • Self-confidence: how clothing plays a supportive role in their self-confidence;
      • Signature style: how they gradually can develop a signature style that supports your career.

The goal of the Business Wear uncoded podcast

⁠The objective of our podcast series Business wear uncoded is to have empowering talks with business-minded people and obtain useful insights into what makes or breaks the business wear outfit in a specific business industry. Moreover, our mission is all about lifting up your confidence and self-esteem on the work floor by wearing the right outfit.

For a selection of industries, going from finance, technology, consulting, public sector to media, sales and more, we aim to decipher the business wear code together with our podcast guest and followers.

Uncoding the business wear is all about converting the non-written codes into something that resonates with you!

Business Wear Uncoded

Podcast enthusiasts

Very nice idea to produce a podcast around business wear and linking it to self-confidence at work.

Melany T.

Ga vooral verder met dit podcast idee. Er is absoluut nood aan goede business wear etiquette.


Your podcast business wear uncoded will help me to understand the unwritten rules at work in certain businesses.

Founder start-up