Founded by Christelle Olivia Zitu

As a child, Christelle was already fascinated by media and communication. It became apparent that she wanted to take that direction. Her journey begun In July 2015, where she started No Limits for Fashion as a blog to document her interests and creative activities. A year later, she started NLFF Goes Backstage. An online project that she created in 2016 to interview people in the fashion industry. That was a unique opportunity for her to leave her mark as a fashion reporter. A few months later, various opportunities came up. Christelle worked as a reporter for brands and events such as French perfume house Guerlain, Belgian Haute couture house Stephan Badal and the 44th edition of Film Festival in Gent.

Christelle Olivia Zitu - No Limits for fashion - Business Wear Uncoded

In 2018 she obtained an internship at the regional television channel TV Oost as a video reporter. In that same year, she also obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Education is very important for Christelle. She believes it is the ultimate place where you can bring out your creative characteristics. That’s why she supports young students. In 2017 and 2018 she gave a few workshops called “Be in balance” at the Thomas More University College. Christelle tells future students about her challenges and achievements. In 2019, one year after graduating, she started working as a freelance lifestyle reporter and editor at the lifestyle tv show Tendens which is broadcast each weekend at the regional television channel Focus WTV.

In 2021 she decided to breathe new life into No Limits for Fashion. What was mostly known as a fashion blog is now NLFF TV a platform that hosts other projects. One of them is Glow and Arise, a digital platform for female entrepreneurs with Dutch podcast series Achter Gesloten Deuren hosted by herself. The female entrepreneurs discuss finding your real identity and purpose, mental health, career, family, relationships, legacy, and much more. Recently NLFF TV decided to take a new project called Business Wear Uncoded under her wings.