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business wear uncoded - The podcast

Show your expertise and unique perspective on business wear or on career development during one of our (group) podcasts. Do you have something interesting to tell, do you have unique expertise? Share it with us!

Why you?

  • A fresh way to promote your professional expertise, to brand your organisation, and to put your “business style” story in the spotlight.
  • Ideal medium to create engagement with your network
  • It is just super fun!
  • Thanks to the delivery of images (photos, videos, quotes) you can also share your expertise on your own channels. This way you create more authority within your field.

In return you will get

  • the audio and video recording of your podcast episode
  • pictures of yourself from the podcast recording.
  • 1 snippet (cut-out part of the podcast) with a quote by you.
  • All podcast materials can be shared via your social media channels and are also made available through the our *business wear uncoded* media channels.