You may have noticed it in our podcast show, our guests are seated in cosy and comfortable sofa’s.
Thanks to Serge Silber, the CEO of Marie’s Corner, our podcast guests including us could take a seat in a chic and elegant sofa: The Hartford sofa’s.

In barely 25 years’ time, Marie’s Corner imposed itself as a referential brand in the sofa universe. Both Belgian and international, the company has always outclassed itself by its power of adopting the different European influences to create its own style and its unique touch. We had an interview with Serge Silber about his morning routines , his signature style and his business achievements he is most proud of. As CEO of Marie’s Corner , Serge is in charge of of the European Commercial teams at Marie’s Corner, the development of the public area’s (Hotels and Restaurants), Communication and Marketing. Read here the interview.

Marie’s Corner is already an established company and you have been in the business world for a long time. Can you name a business achievement you are most proud?

Well in that case there is not one particular business achievement I’m the most proud of. Our proud is whenever a five Star Hotel in Europe or a high rated Michelin restaurant, has chosen to implement the Marie’s Corner product range so that we could express ourselves through our soft seating furniture.

The fact that I can share this journey with my business partner and with our colleagues also really makes me happy. Building the Marie’s Corner business and success has been achieved thanks to the quality of our colleagues.

Let’s talk about style. How would you describe your personal business uniform or signature style that you often wear at work?

My style really depends on my mood, the season and my appointments. Mostly I’m casual. A white shirt in combination with jeans and sneakers. Sometimes I also enjoy wearing a jacket on top of it.

Do you also have a signature style when it comes to your workplace?

Our workplace is a great mix of office furniture combined with Marie’s Corner seatings and table with a touch of vintage pieces. The idea is to create a work-home environment for my coworkers and myself.

Although, we like to swap items and furniture to change regularly our interior atmosphere. We also do this by changing or replacing accessories and smaller objects.

It is also very much season driven, our interior will not look the same during summertime compared to winter.

Do you have a certain morning routine to make dressing more easier?

Might sounds a bit strange, but I prepare my outfit juste before to go asleep. My routine in the morning is very straightforward. Wake up around 6:00 , jump out of the bed, immediate shower, dress up , and right to the kitchen for a short but healthy breakfast. I trry to maintain a 20 minute routine as I enjoy being very early at the office to start my day with a 2 hours calm atmosphere.

What career and style advice would you like to give to others?

Career-wise I would say: Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. When it comes to style, build your own style and personality and be comfortable with it.