Lynn Mikolajczak & Kristin De Rudder

Get to know us

Lynn Mikolajczak and Kristin De Rudder got to know each other during the pandemic via a common friend that linked us virtually. We learned through our shared connection that we have the same passion for style. We noticed that we have complementary skills and are very ambitious to put business wear in the spotlights while encouraging professionals to pimp their self-confidence and self-esteem through style.

First, we connected via a virtual coffee just before the year-end break of 2020 and the idea grew to start a project together.

After a walk & talk meeting, it was clear to us that a podcast is an ideal step to evoke our style ambitions and canalize our fashion energy into a platform for professionals who want to lift their self-image and self-confidence through style! We noticed in our network that people can’t feel just like ‘they are’ or dress “who they are”. That they lose their personal brand, their true identity.

Both we believe that it’s important to look in the mirror and say “This is me! I feel joyful, confident and energetic, who I’m … it is just priceless. ⁠⁠

The new year gave us an additional boost. We started by drafting all our ideas on virtual paper and end of January 2021 the title for our podcast series was born. Our first fashion “audio” baby saw the light – Business Wear Uncoded . We pitched the topic on Clubhouse in different audio rooms and the response was very positive.