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Business Wear Uncoded

A podcast about how style can support your career and lift your confidence

Podcast Business Wear Uncoded - Lynn Mikolajczak en Kristin De Rudder - LM Fashion Agency - Frame21

The podcast

Image and confidence are super important for your career, network and professional relations. ⁠We live in a world that is constantly telling us how to be, what to do and where to go. A truly sophisticated woman or man creates her or his parameters and is strategic enough to succeed in the goals they have set for themselves. ⁠In our podcast Business Wear Uncoded, we will invite guests from different business horizons for a style talk and discover how they build their career and which role clothing played in the development of their career.

About Business Wear Uncoded

Business Wear Uncoded's mission is to decipher the clothing style in the workplace

How to uncode business wear

We will bring business minded people together at different stages in their career

With our platform, we would like to bring empowering life and career stories from different business sectors. We want to encourage and complement professional talents by providing them with education, personal growth, style tips and a valuable network.

That’s why we will talk about

    1. Career: discovering which role clothing plays in someone’s career,
    2. Self-confidence: how clothing plays a supportive role for someone’s self-confidence,
    3. Signature style: how you gradually can develop a signature style that supports your career.
Your hosts

About us

Business wear Uncoded is a production of LM Fashion Agency, an agency specialized in business wear with the mission to make business wear more visible and accessible. Business wear has still - unjustified - conservative connotations. To prove business wear is more than just the classic grey, navy or black suits and to start the conversation, founder Lynn Mikolajczak partnered up with business and IT consultant and trendwatcher Kristin De Rudder to create Business Wear Uncoded. They will both co-host the podcast.

Podcast Business Wear Uncoded - Kristin De Rudder en Lynn Mikolajczak - LM Fashion Agency - Frame21

Your style needs to make you feel inspired and confident every day when you get dressed for work.

Meet our partners

With Business Wear Uncoded we are surrounded by other powerful partners. Thanks to media company NLFF, the podcast will be available in both audio and video format. The recordings will be made from the beautiful business centre Frame 21 in Zaventem. This with the support of PR agency Blink PR.

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